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Controlling Other ANSIPLUS Features

The SETAPLUS.exe utility program is used to enable and disable various ANSIPLUS features while the system is running. SETAPLUS.exe can also be used to set the video display mode, character height, video page and graphics mode text treatment options, to define or list key reassignments, or to define the Ctrl+G beep tone. Changes made with SETAPLUS.exe are in effect only as long as your system is running. To change ANSIPLUS features for system startup, use the NEWAPLUS.exe program. SETAPLUS.exe is executed by a command of the form:

SETAPLUS <keyword> [<keyword> ... ]

where each <keyword> selects an ANSIPLUS feature or other option. As for the SETCOLOR.exe utility, if no <keyword> is supplied, you are presented with a menu of choices:

SETAPLUS Main Menu Options
Report Display current ANSIPLUS optional feature settings
Mode Set the video display mode
Height Set the displayed character height
Tone Ctrl+G beep tone generation options
Keyboard Caps Lock, Ctrl+C and key read-ahead options
Assign Key reassignment enable/disable option and key definition
Color Mode set color, blink, bright key echo and VGA mono options
Display Screen saver and graphics mode cursor options
Scrollback Scroll-back options
Other Scroll-Lock, smooth scrolling and copy/paste options
Undo Undo all feature changes since starting the main menu
Quit Quit and return to DOS

From the SETAPLUS command line, you control each ANSIPLUS feature with its own selection keyword:

SETAPLUS Feature Selection Keywords
Keyword Description

STICKYSHIFT Enable sticky shift keys
CAPSUNLOCK Unlock Caps Lock with Shift+ letter key combination
CAPSRELOCK Relock Caps with carriage return after Shif t+letter
CTRLC Generate Ctrl+Break when Ctrl+C is entered
NDLAST Read last key in buffer with non-destructive input
REPEATZEROS Allow zero-key to repeat
STACK Enable key stacking

Assigning Keys
KEYASSIGN Enable ANSI key reassignment
BIOSASSIGN Apply key reassignment at BIOS Int 16h level
NODEFKEY Prevent ANSI key reassignment redefinition

Tone Definition
BEEP Use ANSIPLUS Ctrl+G beep tone generator
WINBEEP Allow ANSIPLUS beep tone under Windows

Display Control
SAVER Enable screen saver (blanker)
EGASAVER Use alternative method for blanking VGA screen
VESAPOWER Use VESA power management in screen saver
READ60H Read key controller scan codes in screen saver
MSMOUSE Use MS mouse Int 33h polling in screen saver
PS2MOUSE Use PS/2 Int 74h mouse event interrupts in saver
PSEUDOCURSOR Generate pseudo-cursor in VGA/EGA graphics modes
CURSOR256 Generate pseudo-cursor in 256-color graphics modes
TTYTRAP Trap ANSI escape sequences in BIOS Write TTY
Keyword Description

Color Control
SETCOLORS Install ANSIPLUS colors on mode sets
DOSSET256 Load colors on DOS 256-color mode sets
WINSET256 Load colors on Windows 256-color mode sets
NOBLINK Enable 16-color text mode background (disable blink)
BRIGHT Highlight echoed keys (bright key echo)
LOCKPAL Prevent palette/DAC color changes by programs
MONOCHROME VGA monochrome monitor emulation
RETRACE Wait for retrace before setting palette registers

Screen Scroll-Back
SCROLLBACK Enable scroll-back of lines scrolled off top
DOSEMS Use expanded memory for DOS scroll-back
WINEMS Use expanded memory for Windows scroll-back
WINVRAM Allow video RAM for Windows scroll-back
XMSBACK Preserve scroll-back data using XMS/HMA memory
BIOSBACK Capture lines scrolled by BIOS call
CLSBACK Capture erased pages never scrolled up
REGIONBACK Capture lines scrolled from subscreen regions
PROTECTPAGE Protect 2nd display page from scroll-back storage

Other Features
LOCK Allow Scroll Lock key to freeze screen
ALTLOCK Require Alt + Scroll-Lock when freezing screen
SMOOTH Enable smooth scrolling
WINSMOOTH Allow smooth scrolling under Windows
SPEEDUP Speed up smooth scroll when delaying computer
SCROLL32BIT Allow 32-bit block moves for text scrolling
BIOSCROLL Use BIOS calls for text mode scrolling
MOUSELOCK Require Scroll Lock for full screen mouse copy/paste
NONULLS Suppress NUL output characters
LOCKBIOS Lock screen size BIOS variables

When used in combination with the following keywords, each controllable feature can be enabled and disabled easily:

ON, YES, or TRUE Enables the preceding feature
ENABLE Enables all following listed features
OFF, NO, or FALSE Disables the preceding feature
DISABLE Disables all following listed features
RESET Sets all features to their default values

The following examples illustrate use of the SETAPLUS command line to control ANSIPLUS features:

SETAPLUS bright off Disable bright key echo
SETAPLUS enable capsunlock saver Enable screen saver and Caps reset on Shift +alphabetic key
SETAPLUS reset Reset all features to their default status

Other command line options include:

MODE <decimal mode number> Set the video display mode
HEIGHT <height> Set the text character height
PAGE <page> Set the video page
KEYDEF Enter key reassignment definitions from the keyboard
LISTKEYS List all current key reassignments
SAVEKEYS Save the current key reassignments in a file
LOADKEYS <file name> Load key reassignment definitions from a file
KEYSTACK <text> Add keys or delays to the keyboard buffer
RATE <char/sec> Set the keyboard typematic repeat rate
DELAY <quartersecs> Set the keyboard typematic delay
SAVESCROLLTEXT <file name> Save scrollback to a file (text only)
SAVESCROLLANSI <file name> Save scrollback with ANSI color control
SAVECLIP <file name> Save the clipboard to a file
LOADCLIP <file name> Load the clipboard from a file
BLANKTIME <minutes> Set the screen saver blanking time
SMOOTHRATE <rate> Set the smooth scrolling rate
TONE <frequency, duration list> Set the Ctrl+G beep tone
TEXT or TREATMENT Reset graphics mode text treatments
STATUS Report the current video mode, number of colors, etc.
FEATURES Report the settings of all ANSIPLUS features
HELP Show all keyword options

Two keyword options are provided for managing the interrupt vectors used by ANSIPLUS:

INTERRUPT <list of selectors> Displays, to the extent possible, the chain of programs attached to each selected interrupt
LINK <list of selectors> Relinks ANSIPLUS to the selected interrupt(s)

You may specify interrupt selectors as either hexadecimal numbers or special keywords:

KEYEVENT Interrupt 09h Key Event
VIDEO Interrupt 10h Video
SYSTEMSERVICE Interrupt 15h System Services
KEYREQUEST Interrupt 16h Keyboard Request
KEYBREAK Interrupt 1Bh Keyboard Break
TIMERTICK Interrupt 1Ch User Timer Tick
DOSCALL Interrupt 21h DOS Call
DOSIDLE Interrupt 28h DOS Idle
DOSTTY Interrupt 29h DOS Fast TTY Output
MULTIPLEX Interrupt 2Fh Multiplex
MSMOUSE Interrupt 33h Mouse
PS2MOUSE Interrupt 74h PS/2 Mouse Event

For example, SETAPLUS INTERRUPT 2F will list the programs attached to the DOS Int 2Fh Multiplex interrupt.

All the features controlled by SETAPLUS are described in the Configuring ANSIPLUS page, except for three:

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