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Editing ANSI Escape Sequence Programs

After using ANSIPLUS for a while, the user will find it desirable to create short programs for frequently used video modes, color selections or definitions, key reassignments, etc. The ANSICOM.exe utility program provides this facility: with it, the user can create and edit small executable ".com" files or small printable text files that contain ANSI escape sequences. ANSICOM is executed with the following command:

ANSICOM <filename>
where <filename> is the name of the file to be edited. Your file to edit is selected using the following rules:

Once the file has been properly identified, a full-screen editing display is presented, and you can go to work. Use the F1 key for context sensitive help.

The ANSICOM full screen editing display automatically parses the userís entries and identifies the kinds of ANSIPLUS escape sequences entered, including incomplete escape sequences. ANSICOM will not allow the user to save a file containing an incomplete escape sequence. Beyond that, it is the userís responsibility to be sure that the escape sequences entered will do what he wants.

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