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ANSIPLUS and the 4DOS Command Shell

The ANSIPLUS driver is compatible with the 4DOS and NDOS command shells. Three ANSIPLUS features are specifically adapted to 4DOS/NDOS:

One compatibility issue can arise for users who want to squeeze 4DOS output into a subscreen window: When a subscreen region has been defined by ANSIPLUS, 4DOS will not normally write colored directory or file names or other directly addressed screen output (eg., SCRPUT) to the correct locations in the subscreen region. This can be corrected by adding the following line to 4DOS.ini:


It is also probably best to let ANSIPLUS control the colors and VGA/EGA blink status in the command shell. Therefore, you should consider removing the following lines, if present, from 4DOS.ini or NDOS.ini:

BrightBG =
ANSIPLUS supports bright background colors by default, and turning bright background on or off in the command shell will override the ANSIPLUS setting.
StdColors =
These colors will override the startup colors defined by the NEWAPLUS utility program.
InputColors =
Use this only if you want to highlight input keys with a color other than the bright white provided by ANSIPLUS.

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