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Change History

Major Enhancements
Freeware release; recognize virtual environments and adjust for them; recognize DOS type
Freeware release; allow windowed startup in Windows XP
Windows NT configuration; misc. improvements; bug fixes
4.04 11/21/95 Installation bug fix
4.03 11/02/95 Sticky shift keys; installation enhancements; bug fixes
4.02 3/15/95 Text height and smooth scrolling rate configurable; bug fixes
4.01 1/04/95 Fast key repeats allowed in Windows; VESA power management in screen saver; mouse selection improvements/fixes; several bug fixes
8/29/94 Added over two dozen new ANSI and ANSIPLUS escape sequences for scrolling, tab control, cursor positioning and other functions; Mouse can be used for text selection, copy and paste; Reduced-size driver option; Bookmarks in scroll-back; VESA video modes detected/used; Full screen vs. windowed detection in Windows with the VWFD.386 driver; OS/2 2.x compatibility; VT100 graphics escape sequences; bug fixes
3.10 4/06/94 Scroll-back uses EMS memory (capacity now approx. 1,000 lines); Install/configure compatible with Stacker; bug fixes
3.02 12/17/93 Driver code loadable to EMS memory; key reassignments saved to or loaded from files; bug fixes
3.01 9/22/93 Key reassignment of gray keys on enhanced keyboards; Option to reassign keys at the Int 16h BIOS level; bug fixes
3.00 5/17/93 TSR-capable registered driver; Driver loadable to HMA with or without DOS-HIGH; Fast keyboard repeat rates (up to 300 char/sec); Palette locking; Mouse support in utility programs; misc. technical improvements; bug fixes
2.07 3/08/93 Key stacking; option to lock key reassignments; bug fixes
2.06 2/15/93 Hot key to blank screen; misc. improvements; bug fixes
2.05 12/02/92 Internationalize with DISPLAY.sys and; bug fixes
2.04 9/23/92 Option to copy configuration of original driver when installing a new one; yield CPU in tight key input/test loops; bug fixes
2.03 8/31/92 Bug fixes
2.02 8/21/92 Bug fixes
2.01 7/22/92 Bug fixes

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